Featured Retailer of the Month

Bavarian Chocolate Haus is an old-fashioned candy store, located at the entrance to North Conway Village, next to the Handcrafter's Barn. All of the chocolate confections there are made by hand, and the owner is usually in the kitchen, where you can observe him making his creations through a huge glass window as you enter the shop.


The Bavarian Chocolate Haus was created in 1991 by Ed and Doris Gazda, whose love for chocolate and people quickly made them a favorite destination for chocolate confections by both tourists and locals alike. Current owner and chocolatier, Scott Ferrari, has continued this tradition, purchasing the business in 2008 with his husband David Hallett. 

Scott and David continue to expand the confectionary offerings, adding on-line access years ago, and then opened a second store in Bridgton, Maine, in June 2017.

Looking at their candy counter is like taking a step back into time, where delicious temptations appear before your eyes, with each selection looking more enticing than the next.

The adage that you “Never work a day in your life if you love what you do” could be Scott’s moto - he loves chocolate, and the many visitors that come to the store every year. If you’ve never tried their delicious chocolates, you’ll be sold after the first bite! If you're a regular, seasonal or yearly visitor, you're a friend who Scott appreciates and thanks for your ongoing support and business.

The next time you're in North Conway Village, stop by the shop, and see for yourself the magic that's created and sold within its walls!