Featured Retailer of the Month

Kathy & Brian Ahearn opened Four Your Paws Only in 1994 after moving to North Conway with their 6-month-old son, Kevin, four dogs, a chinchilla, dove and horse. Now a local institution, this place offers so much more than your ordinary pet supply store or the big, sterile box stores do. Pets are encouraged to shop at Four Your Paws Only with their owners and are welcomed with treats and warm greetings from their friendly staff.

"This is our home. Our customers are our friends and our neighbors. We know their pets and their stories, and we are there for them," said Kathy.


A prominent feature of Four Your Paws Only is their delicious Pet Bakery where they create a variety of seasonal treats. Kathy started it in their home kitchen in 2000, baking with friends. When they moved to their current, larger location in 2009, they installed a bakery where their customers can watch them bake the goodies that are tempting to canines and people alike.

“We wanted our customers to be able to actually see us making the biscuits and treats and know exactly what is in them,” Kathy said. “We designed the pet bakery to include a large 8-foot window so that customers can interact with the bakers as they make the treats.”


But Four Your Paws Only is far more than its pet bakery. In 1997 the Ahearns held their first adoption event for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter. The continued to host adoption events for Harvest Hills and Lakes Region Humane Society. Shortly after, they became involved in the creation of the Conway Area Humane Society, where Kathy was a founding board member. 


As members of the White Mountain Independents they believe in supporting businesses that give back to the community.

"It's not just for animal causes, but for everything from Jen's Friends to school class trips, Girl Scouts and you name it," said Brian.

 *Some excerpts of this blog are from The Conway Daily Sun