Featured Retailer of the Month


For 29 years, White Birch Books has been your quirky, locally owned, independent bookstore nestled in the heart of North Conway Village. Established in 1992 by Donna Urey, it was then bought by long-time employee and current owner, Laura Cummings, in 2005.

White Birch Books is a local bookstore that is something for everyone. They are your small, quaint, independent store. They’re cute – the architecture! – and comfy and welcoming and friendly.

They can be all those things and still be operating in the present day with ordering systems that get books to them in days (COVID has taken away their next day capability) and the ability to search out and order anything you might be looking for. In addition, they get hot books on their publication dates, and they take preorders.

White Birch Books also has a stellar card department with truly unique cards for any occasion, cards you won’t find at any of the big box stores. Add that to their dedication to local books with “meet the author” book signings, book clubs, 


a comfy children’s area, and a well-stocked bargain and used department, and you have a bookstore for everyone!