Featured Retailer of the Month

“Come in and Sniff Around!” is the greeting you will hear from Joann Daly, owner of Soyfire Candle Bath & Body.  Hey, everyone needs a laugh!

Located in the heart of North Conway Village, Soyfire Candle was opened almost twenty years ago by Mike Kline and Sal Martinetti, two local entrepreneurs. Their goal was to introduce clean-burning, non- toxic candles to the Valley and beyond. 

Not all soy candles are the same - many soy candles aren't even 100% soy wax, but as low as only 10% soy mixed with petroleum! Mike and Sal committed to selling soy candles burning cleaner and longer while supporting farmers in the USA.

After 5+ years of ownership, they decided to move on to new ventures and, rather than sell the store, they came up with a plan to give the store away.  It was advertised in the local paper for a person willing to work for 5 years, manage the store, and learn what it takes to be a business owner.  At the end of that time, the store would transfer ownership to this person.

Joann was the lucky recipient of their creative means of ensuring that their vision for the store would continue. Her goal for a long time had been to have her own business, and that dream came true in 2015, when Mike and Sal handed over the store keys to her.

Prior to that, she worked for many years with software companies. Originally from Lynn/Peabody, MA, she came to NH for college, graduating from New Hampshire College (SNHU) with a B.S. degree in Management Advisory Services, and never left. She has resided in the valley since 1995.

Sadly, cancer claimed a number of Joann's friends, which prompted her to want to be more involved in helping those who are currently dealing with this prognosis. To that end, she has been an active volunteer with Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation here in Mt. Washington Valley, having joined the board in January 2016, and she currently serves as the organization’s Vice President. She also is an avid hockey player and crossfitter. 

A lot has changed at the store over the years: candle brands and accessories have been expanded, and five years ago Joann incorporated all-natural bath & body products into her inventory mix. Thus the store name change to Soyfire Candle Bath & Body.

Despite her growth over the years, however, Joann remains committed to selling products like Candle Crest, Soybean Candles and 4:44 Candles (NH Made) soy candles, as well as bath products with natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. These products are of the best and most consistent quality, and they are made in USA.

So, the next time you’re in North Conway Village, plan to stop into Soyfire Candle Bath & Body, say hello to Joann, and sniff around!