Featured Retailer of the Month

The path to Jewelry by Tim and Friends is over 40 years long, starting with the gift of a rock tumbler for Tim’s 9th birthday. His Dad and he tumbled and polished rocks for the prescribed 6 weeks and then made Christmas gifts with them for family members.  

The next step in the journey occurred in 1990, when Tim went to work in sales with J.R. Dunn Jewelers in South Weymouth, MA, where he was mentored by the bench jeweler there who remains his friend to this day.

(Shown here in 1994 with his Abyssinian cat, ‘Lance’)

Step forward to 1996, when he decided to move his young family to Mt. Washington Valley and opened C & T Crafters in Reporters Court in the spring of that year.

Jewelry tasks that he accomplishes in-house today include hand-wrought work using your metal or his (gold, platinum, palladium, silver and others), ring sizing, stone setting, stone replacements, thickening of work bands (re-shank), replacing and rebuilding of worn prongs, conversion of items to pendants, tie tacks and earrings - with a range of options for posts such as screw backs or locking posts - and restoration.

He’s also been expanding services on time pieces, building up equipment, supplies, and experience. Some of the pieces that he’s worked on date back to the 1770s!

Much of the jewelry that Tim sells is made in his shop to the highest standards of materials, gemstones, design and finish work. Many of his gemstones come with independent grading and identification reports through G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America), the pre-eminent educational institution on the subject of gemstones and jewelry. G.I.A. is also the source for much of the continuing education for his staff.


Jewelry by Tim and Friends is a store that exists only because of the support received from the community, family and friends. In recognition, his sign reflects the friends who put him here. The business regularly donates to a large number of events, organizations and fundraisers.


By-appointment protocols were put in place during the COVID shut-downs, but remain in place today in order to provide the best service to his customers. Texting 603-733-7880 will get the fastest response.

Please do plan to visit Tim’s full-service jewelry-making and repairing, and watch repair/parts manufacturing workshop! He has more for tools and loose gemstones than he has finished pieces, so that he can bring YOUR vision to reality, just the way you desire it!