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 Now in its 60th year, Sherman Farm is the successful farm it is today for one reason: Al Sherman and the vision he had. Al grew up on a farm in North Attleboro, MA, and dreamed of owning his own farm. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Animal Husbandry, he married his college sweetheart, Phyllis Rawlins.

He worked as a herdsman for several years and in 1964 bought the old “Shirley Farm" in East Conway, NH. He moved to the farm with his bride, two young daughters, several dogs, and a few cows on May 8, 1964.

In 1969, they raised a new, classic New England barn that was the heart of their dairy business for many years and is now the home of their Angus and Angus-cross beef herd.

In 1980, the Shermans introduced a drive-thru farm stand to the property. This was the beginning of their Farm Market.

Now open year-round, the Market sells a wide array of farm-raised products as well as many items produced in New England. Fruits and vegetables grown on their sixty acres along the Saco River are available from April through November.

 In 1997, they started bottling their own milk—expanding the farm more than ever. Farming is all about sustainability and quality, which is why they sell their milk in their signature reusable glass bottles that are recognized all over northern New England. You really can taste the difference glass bottles make!

In the 1990s, Kathy became a full partner and now manages the operation of the farm with the help of her children, Michele Hatch Dutton and Jeff Hatch. Michele is in charge of the accounting, marketing and social media relations, while Jeff is the head of production. They work together to oversee the day-to-day operations, and make all major decisions as a family. Phyllis has recently retired and is enjoying her great-grandchildren and knitting.

In 2007, Sherman Farm was one of the first farms in New Hampshire to create a corn maze, beginning with one of the Old Man of the Mountain, a long-time symbol of our state. The theme changes every year, and the Maze, which operates in September and October, has become of the most popular attractions on the farm.

In 2019, they opened The Barnyard Scoop, with 18 flavors of homemade ice cream from Goss Farm in Dunstable, MA, and Giffords in Skowhegan, ME, frappes made with Sherman Farm milk, unique sundaes, fun toppings and, in season, fresh berry sauces.

There’s also a play area, petting farm, and cutting garden that operate daily in the warm weather months during market hours.

Farming takes a deep level of knowledge of many things—the soil, planting, harvesting, pest management, animal husbandry, farm management, weather and so much more—and a commitment to lifelong learning. Always open to trying something new, the Shermans experimented with new products, always listening to their customers and changing as their customers' tastes and needs changed. At the forefront of the family's commitment was—as it is today—to always produce a quality product that looks beautiful and tastes great.