Featured Retailer of the Month

Amanda Shackford, founder and owner of Assets Jean Company, went to college for and was working in veterinary medicine in the Portland area when a frustrating shopping trip to buy a pair of jeans inspired her to radically change her life. That was almost 20 years ago, and she’s never looked back.

She quit her job, took some time off to be a dog mom and substitute teacher at Kennett High School, then wrote a business plan for her own clothing company. A friend told her about a trade show in Las Vegas and, with just an idea in her head, she attended the show, made some purchases, buying small. She gave the suppliers her home address, came home, then secured her first retail space in Reporter Court in North Conway Village.

She made renovations, outfitted the store, and quickly outgrew her space. Based on her philosophy that “there’s a pair of jeans for every body,” Amanda’s vision of inclusivity led to a larger store, her current location at 2506 White Mountain Highway in the building next to Peach’s Restaurant, on the Southern end of the Village.

Rest assured, Assets Jeans has a pair of jeans for EVERY BODY, EVERY SIZE, EVERY DESIRED LOOK, & STYLE. There literally is a unique pair of jeans, for every unique body walking in, looking for their new best friend.

Amanda explains that she doesn’t try to be super trendy. Rather, her focus is stocking what her customers need, what fits. “We try to keep a really good selection for all body shapes and sizes and heights,” says Amanda, “in all the different brackets of color and wash and styles.”

She tends to return to the same suppliers because she trusts their quality and their fit. She has a variety of brands, made in the US and Canada, and she carries jeans for men, too.

It’s totally normal to try on a variety of jeans and leave the dressing room with a heaping pile of rejects, and “options” for the next pair on your must have list. Don’t worry, Amanda records those on your wish list, as well as cleans up the dressing room. So go in with an idea of what you want, and she’ll make the magic happen for YOU!

Ski sweaters pair with jeans just as well as they do with ski pants. Whether you ski or not, Amanda will never reveal your secrets, but she can outfit you into the warmest, most styling Ski Bunny outfits in the Valley! 

 The best part about all of these pieces is that they can be mixed and matched with other items in your closet, or ski bag, for the best, warmest, and chicest outfits for any day or adventure. NILS ski sweaters and layers match perfectly with denim, cozy Spanx faux suede pants, or ski pants!

And down-filled Skirts are a must have for cold weather! Throw these over your base layers as you're heading out, heading to Après Ski, or home from your daily adventure!

If you have something specific in mind, let Amanda know - she'll have you doing a happy dance in your new outfits in no time!