Featured Retailer of the Month

A destination when shopping in the North Conway Village, The Penguin Gallery is celebrating its 50th year in 2023. Owned originally by David Toumarkine, it was purchased by Lynda Schuepp who, after about 10 years, shared ownership with her daughter Tiga, who became the sole owner of the store in 2022. Prior to the Penguin, Tiga was the manager of J.Crew in Settlers Green for 8 years, and she worked for a few local restaurants in the Valley as well. Interestingly, the original location of The Penguin was across the street and down a block, where Chef’s Bistro, a restaurant owned by Tiga and her husband Josh Brault, is now. The Bistro still has a Penguin on the door as you walk in!

The Penguin carries fun, unique, and whimsical gifts for everyone - from toys to adult gifts, handcrafted jewelry, and so much more.  Locally, they’re probably best known for their beautiful window displays and their great selection of greeting cards, as well as their crass sense of humor in socks & other fun gifts. Looking for something trendy in fashion accessories? Check out the latest must-haves, including brands such as Pura Vida and Scout Bags.

Also, don’t miss their New Hampshire Wine Room where beverages from seven different NH vineyards and wineries are featured, most of which are not available at liquor stores.

With over 10,000 items, it’s the perfect place to shop when you don’t know what you’re looking for, or if you just need a good laugh. Tiga’s longtime experienced staff members are as friendly as they are knowledgeable, and they’ll help you to find the perfect gift for others – or for yourself.  If your purchase is a gift, they’re happy to wrap it at no additional charge.  

Can’t make it into town? Be sure to check out their new website, PenguinGallery.com, where new products are added daily.

Through the store, Tiga enjoys working with local charities.  Twice a year, for example, The Penguin has been selling mystery bags (with their product) from which she’s donated over $16,000 in the last few years to Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation, a local non-profit that provides financial assistance to patients for non-medical expenses that aren’t covered by other programs.

 “I love bringing new products into the Penguin,” says Tiga. “I go to trade shows; I meet with artists, and I work with local reps & proprietors.  The advantage to having an eclectic line that’s ever-changing is that I can carry it all, and I can carry products I love!”  


 *Tiga’s profile photo is courtesy of the Conway Daily Sun, which featured her in a story in June.