Featured Retailer of the Month


As a child, Field of Ambrosia’s owner Deb Jasien was always fascinated with her grandmothers’ gardens in the rural mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. She loved the colors, the scents, the tranquility and, oh yes, the butterflies. After twenty-five years of traveling as a theatrical set designer, Deb and her partner decided to move to the family farm in Intervale. The first thing she did? Plant a garden!

That first garden led to three more gardens, along with a discovery of healing plants and flowers and their uses. Her company, Fields of Ambrosia was in its early beginnings in 2001 when her sister Karen was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 44.

What began as a love of flowers transformed into a small venture of making natural soaps and lotions for family, friends and herself, then expanded into aromatherapy products using essential oils to help her sister through her treatments. The positive effect that these products had on her body and her mind then led Deb to establish Fields of Ambrosia: BATH-BODY-AROMA as a full-time business and to bring her new-found knowledge to others.

Deb also became a part of Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation in North Conway. Ten percent of her profits, as well as product donations, are given to Jen’s Friends each year in the memory of Karen who succumbed to this unfortunate disease.

Today, Fields of Ambrosia is known for its cleansing, nourishing, and therapeutic bath and body products for all ages, using home-grown herbs and flowers, pure essential oils and 100% plant and vegetable oils. Its “Kidz Collection,” for example, offers for children a variety of products with no sulphates and no parabens – just good stuff!

Other collections include “Renaissance Man,” which offers everything from refreshing aftershaves made with witch hazel, aloe gel and spring water to Shave Soap, an all-natural, glycerin-based soap that whips into a luxurious lather.

All of the collections at Fields of Ambrosia are handmade in small batches, not mass-produced. When you order it – Deb makes it for you!

The store is located at 2724 White Mountain Hwy, which is right in the middle of North Conway Village. For more information, please visit https://www.fieldsofambrosia.com.